Redan Introduces Redan Ultra Unleaded Petrol: What You Need to Know

Redan introduces Ultra Unleaded Petrol (ULP) at 35 stations, responding to customer demand for diverse fuel options

In a significant move toward enhancing customer satisfaction and expanding product offerings, We proudly announced the introduction of Redan Ultra Unleaded Petrol (ULP) to our product range. This development, implemented in December 2023, solidifies Redan's position as the largest distributor of unleaded petrol in the country, now available at 35 Redan service stations nationwide.

Responding to Public Demand

The decision to introduce unleaded petrol stemmed from a clear demand from the public. Redan recognizes the importance of aligning with customer preferences and ensuring a comprehensive product range to cater to diverse needs. By offering unleaded petrol alongside other fuel options, Redan reaffirms its commitment to customer-centricity and responsiveness to market demands.

The overwhelming response from the public underscored the demand for this specific type of petrol. Redan is proud to offer customers a wider range of choices, ensuring that individual preferences are accommodated.

Understanding Unleaded Petrol

To clarify any questions surrounding the new product, we have provided answers to frequently asked questions. Firstly, it's essential to distinguish between unleaded and blended petrol—a point often overlooked in discussions.

While all petrol sold in Zimbabwe is unleaded, there are variations in its composition. Most of the petrol available is blended, a blend of unleaded petrol and ethanol—an approved biofuel. Unblended petrol consists solely of petrol without the addition of ethanol. Redan's introduction of unleaded (unblended) petrol responds directly to the public's preference for a purer petrol option.

Accessible and Convenient

For those wanting unleaded petrol, we have ensured accessibility by making it available at 35 Redan service stations across the country, and we continue to look at opportunities to increase availability. 

We have also included unleaded petrol as an option on our Redan coupons and Fuel cards—enhancing convenience and flexibility for our customers’ fuel purchases.

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