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Please note that Redan are taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously. The safety of both the staff and valued customers are our priority. Redan are being proactive and taking preventative measures to limit human interaction.

As such our customers are able to complete the entire process of purchasing fuel or submmitting inquiries via email or whatsapp until the physical collection of coupons or a new card by following these steps

Ordering Coupons and Efuel

  1. Request a Quote
  2. Request a quote for the product required and state your intended method of payment to sales@redan.co.zw

  3. Make Payment
  4. Make the bank transfer or deposit the case into the bank from the details provided on the quotation

  5. Email or whatsapp proof of payment
  6. Confirmation of receipt
  7. The sales desk will alert you once payment is reflecting and process invoice.

  8. Collecting Product
    1. Coupon Collection
    2. To be able to collect coupons, email scanned copies of the documents below to sales@redan.co.zw
      - Photocopy of a picture ID of the person collecting
      - Proof of payment
      - A stamped authorization letter on your company letterhead
      You will then be issued coupons immediately and this is the only time you need to visit the office to collect the physical coupons

    3. Re-fuel Card
    4. Company Cards

      Your company fuel administrator is to email the card details and loading schedules to sales@redan.co.zw. The loading will happen remotely and confirmation will be sent once cards have been loaded. There is no need to visit the office.

      Individual/ Personal Cards

      Email proof of payment, card number and loading instructions to sales@redan.co.zw. Confirmation will be sent once cards are loaded.

      Web portal

      Fuel card administrators and individuals are encouraged to get onto the internet based fuel management system called the 'Web Portal' by requesting for credentials via email. A wide range of operations can be done on the web portal, from loading and deducting fuel from cards, creating limits and running reports, giving the user the added convenience of managing their fuel using their computer or mobile device.

  9. Other Enquiries
  10. For coupon swaps, product conversions, new cards, card replacements or account queries, please email sales@redan.co.zw and we will advise the most convenient solution to help you efficiently.

Ordering Bulk Fuel

Please email one of the following email addresses with the required product, volume and delivery address. A quotation will be sent to you immediately.