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Redan Belvedere

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Memory Simbi

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0772 234 567


Located at the Belvedere Square Mall, corner Prince Road and Bishop Gaul Avenue, is Redan Belvedere which opened to the public in January 2023.
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Redan Belvedere is home to a lively and dynamic team of attendants and management.

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Redan Belvedere can be found along Prices Road in Harare, nestled at the quaint Belvedere Square shopping mall in Harare, barely a kilometre down from Prince Edward High school. The service station started operating in January 2023 to service the Belvedere community. Located at Belvedere is KFC, one of our strategic service station partners. The combination of our Redan site and KFC has breathed new life at the mall.

Redan Belvedere is open 24 hours for the convenience of the community. The site manager, Memory Simbi said,

“’It’s very important for us to become part of the community. Belvedere is a beautiful community of people who have made us feel at home. We are also privileged to service several small businesses in our community as well as the home bound traffic to our neighbouring suburbs.”

She went on to add,

“ My team and I are committed to giving our customers the best Customer Experience and we value customer feedback, so my door is always open to hear how we can improve our service”.

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a lively and dynamic team of attendants and management
Redan Belvedere

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