Options for RTGS Coupon and Card Holders

In response to the sporadic supply of fuel that we have been experiencing as a country, Redan has availed the option for customers with coupons and card balances that were purchased using local currency (RTGS /ZWL $) to convert these fuels to DFI fuel.

Customers may convert their fuel volume at the current conversion rate of 2 RTGS/ZWL$ to 1 DFI Litre. This rate is subject to change in line with fuel market prices. These conversions are done at our Offices in Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare and Masvingo and at several service stations namely Puma Seventh, Puma Ashbrittle, Puma Parktown and Puma Charter in Harare, Puma Chinhoyi CBD and Lyonais in Chiredzi.

Customers can still hold on to their RTGS/ZWL$ coupon and cards and redeem full volume, when RTGS/ZWL$ becomes available. Customers are advised to call our reception number 08677 001 200 and inquire on the availability of RTGS/ZWL$ in their areas on the day.

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